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Limitless pendant

Limitless pendant

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The Limitless pendant is an elegant, lightweight wearable AI that captures your ideas, conversations, and insights throughout the day. Crafted with a durable aluminum body, it's weatherproof, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled, and offers a 100-hour battery life. Its versatile magnetic clasp design lets you wear it any way you like, seamlessly blending into your outfit and life. The pendant ensures privacy with permission-based data protection while offering intuitive access to your conversations via an app. Simply tap and hold to interact with your personalized AI and effortlessly bookmark significant moments. Whether for meetings, personal reflections, or organizing to-dos, this innovative accessory helps you unlock creativity and gain a deeper understanding of how you communicate.

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Discover the Limitless Pendant: a lightweight wearable AI, intuitive app, and versatile clasp, perfect for capturing conversations & insights.