Copyright Claims

We are currently in the process of contacting ALL brands to establish formal relationships.

We create all our designs “by hand” using various tools like Midjourney, DALL-E, Playground, Photoshop, Affinity Designer, Pixelmator Pro, and Canva. This is mainly because we desire the highest quality & resolution for printing possible, as well as great font and color choices, plus layout and positioning considerations for each individual design.

Please note that AI-generated images are, as far as we currently understand, not copyrightable.

We are however aware that we will potentially violate legitimate copyright claims from time to time. We are happy to either provide evidence of any design being created by ourselves or remove the item if there is (you have) a legitimate copyright claim. Please contact us with some details (URL and nature of the claim) and we’ll happily engage in conversation with you to resolve the matter - and, of course, if needed IMMEDIATELY (within 1 business day) stop selling your design.

Important Note: Our sales numbers are not mind-blowing, so we know that running your own AI merch store might not actually be financially viable - this is a passion project to us, i.e. Steve, and I’d be happy to act as your official merch store. Margins are slim but I am of course open to some form of profit share if this makes a relationship between your brand and my shop more palatable.