Brand Partnership Progress

We (Steve) are trying to establish formal relationships with all brands we present on this website. It is not easy to actually get a response, or even know who to contact how and where to get the process started. This list shows what we have attempted to date. If you are a brand representative of a brand on this list, please contact us and we'll send you our proposal asap. This list also serves as a checklist for me to make sure I don't forget anyone or drop the ball. Steve

All emails are sent from the address and all Twitter messages are sent from @steveDOTdigital - we appreciate our emails/messages might have been filtered or gone unnoticed.

Company/Brand Email/Twitter
1X Technologies 2024-04-28
2024-04-26 - invalid
Anthropic 2024-04-28
Cognition 2024-04-26
Figure 2024-04-26
Google AI 2024-05-22 Completed
Google Brands List & Status
Google Brand Resource Center Trademarks
Groq 2024-04-25 We are in conversation. 🙂🤞
Hugging Face 2024-05-07
Limitless 2024-04-28
Meta AI 2024-05-07
Microsoft AI 2024-05-09 Completed
Microsoft Replied
Mistral AI 2024-04-28
OpenAI 2024-05-22 Completed
Open Interpreter 2024-04-28 - invalid
2024-04-26 - invalid
Perplexity 2024-04-26
Python Software Foundation 2024-04-28 @ThePSF Message
2024-04-28 - spam filter rejection
rabbit 2024-04-26
2024-04-26 @rabbit_hmi
Reka AI 2024-05-07
Relativity Space 2024-05-07
Stability AI 2024-05-07 @StabilityAI
The Linux Foundation
2024-05-05 Review of Trademark Usage Policy
xAI 2024-05-07 @xai

Email Details

The email we are sending is as follows - thanks to ChatGPT for helping me formulate this well - I am better at code than English 😉:

Subject: Request for Permission to Feature Your Brand in Our AI-Themed Merchandise Collection

Body: Dear [Brand Name]/Brand Manager,

I hope this message finds you well. My name is Steve, and I am the founder of, an online hub dedicated to celebrating and promoting the wonders of artificial intelligence through themed merchandise. Our store offers a range of products including t-shirts, hoodies, caps, and other accessories that resonate with tech enthusiasts and AI aficionados alike.

In addition to our main e-commerce site, we operate several AI-focused platforms:


These platforms are dedicated to fostering knowledge, engagement, and community in the AI space, and they attract a diverse audience interested in the latest in AI developments, insights, and discussions.

At, we are constantly exploring opportunities to collaborate with pioneering companies within the tech industry to bring unique and meaningful products to our audience. We have admired [Brand Name] not only for your innovative contributions to the technology sector but also for how your brand inspires and leads the AI community.

I would like to address an important matter upfront. We are currently featuring products that include [Brand Name], however, I realize that this usage has not been officially sanctioned by your team. I want to assure you that it is our highest priority to respect your brand's intellectual property rights. We are fully prepared to discontinue any unsanctioned merchandise immediately should we not receive the appropriate permissions.

We recognize that some of our current design choices, including color combinations, may not fully align with your brand guidelines. We cater to a variety of buyer preferences, which sometimes necessitates these variations. However, we are fully prepared and happy to adhere strictly to your brand's official guidelines, allowing your team full control over color combinations and specific design needs to ensure brand consistency.

We are interested in featuring [Brand Name] in our merchandise collection and would love to discuss obtaining your permission to use your official trademarks. As part of our collaboration, we are also prepared to promote your website, services, and products across our AI-focused platforms, enhancing visibility and engagement with a dedicated audience.

Additionally, we are happy to provide detailed statistics on sales related to your brand and offer 50% of the profit from these items, which usually ranges between $1 to $5 per item sold. If necessary, we are prepared to negotiate up to 100% of the profit to facilitate this agreement, although retaining a margin, however minimal, would be beneficial for us to maintain our operational capabilities.

Could we schedule a call or an online meeting to discuss this potential collaboration in more detail? We are eager to explore ways in which we can work together to create something truly special for the fans and followers of our brands.

Thank you very much for considering this opportunity. I am looking forward to the possibility of collaborating and would appreciate any guidance on how best to proceed with your licensing requirements.

Warm regards,


P.S. I’ve included some initial ideas for products that we believe would excite our shared audience, and I am keen to tailor these further with your insights. [Example Collection URL]