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The AI-generated video is for entertainment only.



Open Synthesia

Synthesia users to create high-quality AI-generated videos using text. The platform features AI avatars and voiceovers in over 130 languages, enabling the creation of engaging videos without the need for cameras, microphones, or actors. Ideal for various applications such as training, marketing, and customer service, Synthesis streamlines video production, making it cost-effective and scalable. Users can customize avatars, integrate videos into favorite tools, and keep content updated effortlessly.

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Create AI videos effortlessly with Synthesia. Use text to generate professional-quality videos with avatars and voiceovers in over 130 languages.


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4 June 2024: Synthesia’s new Triggers make it super simple to animate elements in your videos. Whether you want to animate text, shapes, or avatars you can do it with just your script, bringing focus to key elements in your video—perfectly timed every time.

By the way, Triggers work even better with our new next-generation AI avatars.

26 April 2024: Synthesia's new Expressive AI Avatars frown, smile, furrow their eyebrows, and more, all automatically from just your script.

That's right: these AI avatars don't need any prompting. Instead, they'll predict the expressions and look more human than ever while doing so. With just over a dozen Expressive AI Avatars currently available across all Synthesia plans, you'll have plenty of options to choose from.

Additionally, each Expressive AI Avatar comes with a matching next-generation voice to make your new digital friends sing. Well, not 'sing' exactly, but you know what I mean!

This link is also a great birthday gift for your tech-friend.

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